Specialist cells

The cells who go the extra mile.

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What is a specialist cell?

Specialised cells are cells which have adapted to do a certain role.

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Root cells

A plant root cell has hair ike progections to help it absorb more water. As it is underground where there is no light it wont need chloroplasts because it can't do photosynthesis. It has a larger vacuole than a palisade plant cell so it can store more water.

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Sperm Cell

A sperm cell has a streamlined body that helps it move through the mothers body well and has a long tail for swimming.

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Egg Cell

An egg cell produces a chemical so when a sperm has managed to get in no other sperm can get in. Sometimes, in the unlikely event 2 sperm manage to break in at the same time creating identical twins. An egg can also produce its own food.

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Red Blood cells

A red blood cell have a bi- concave shape and no nuclues so it can store more oxygen.

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