Specialised Cells

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Red Blood Cell

Red Blood Cells-Adapted To Carry Oxygen

1)Big Surface Area For Absorbing Oxygen-Also Helps Them Pass Through Capillaries To Reach Body Cells.

2)Packed With Haemoglobin-Pigement That Absorbs Oxygen.

3)Have No Nucleus-Leaves More Space For Haemoglobin.

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White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells-Adapted To Help To Fight Against Infections/Germs In The Body.

1)Flexible Cell Membrane-So They Can Move Through The Capilliary Walls To Where They Are Needed.

2)Contain Nuclei Inside Them-The Nuclei Controls Their Life Processes.

3)Their Cytoplasm Contains Enzymes-The cell membrane has a sensitive surface to enable the cell to detect foreign bodies and destroy. 

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Root Hair Cell

Root Hair Cells-Adapted For Water Absorption 

1)Large Surface Area-Speeds Up The Process Of Osmosis.

2)Semi-Permable Membrane-Permits Water And Mineral Molecules.

3)Root Hairs Have A Large Surface Area-For Absorption.

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Sperm Cell

Sperm Cell-Specialised For Reproduction

1)Streamline Head-Helps It To Swim To The Female Egg.

2)Long Tail-Also Help To Swim To Female Egg.

3)Mitochondria In The Cell-Provides Energy Needed

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Egg Cell

Egg Cell-Specialised For Reproduction

1)Contains Food Reserves-To Feed The Embryo.

2)Egg Membrane Changes Structure-To Stop Anymore Sperm Getting In, To Get The Right Amount Of DNA.

3)Has A Jelly Coat Layer-Protects The Inner Contents Of The Egg.

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