Special Diets

Customers have a wide variety of needs including allergies, modified diets and particular conditions.

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Three main types of vegetarians: Lacto-ovo vegetarians, Vegans, Fruitarians

Lacto-ovo: Eat eggs, dairy produce, vegetables, fromage frais, cream and yoghurts

Vegans: Do not eat dairy produce, follow a strict regime of fruit, vegetables, pulses, grains and nuts. Some vegans refuse to utilise any animal produce inlcuding leather for shoes and belts.

Fruitarians: Only eat fruit of a plant, do not eat any vegetables that have been 'killed' to provided for humans. They can suffer from hyperglycaemia or diabetes due to the fact that fruit contains a high level of sugar

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Modified portion sizes which adults receive

Appeal to the needs of children

Balanced diet

Right balance of flavors and presentation, children can be persuaded to eat a more nutritious meal while maintaining a balance of all the essential sources of vitamins and minerals

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Halal (Islam)

Following food items prohibited:



Foods made from animal fats

Animals prepared following the guidelines have been slaughtered following the rules of Islam and this is called halal meat.

Blood from animals must be drained away to prevent followers of Islam from consuming any blood or blood-related products.

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Kosher (Judaism)

Food and laws complicated -

1.Fish and meat cannot be served together

2.Milk and meat cannot be served together

3.Any processed food must be prepared in the presence of the Rabbi

4.Kosher kitchens maintain different sets of utensils and equipment for different tasks and the equipment cannot be mixed

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