Speaking and Listening - Should State Schools be more like Private Schools?

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3 times more private students get an A* at A-Level

4 times more likely to get an A* at GCSE

7 times more likely to go to University


2,697 Private Schools in the UK

Educates 628,000 people, which is 6.5% of all British citizens


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Sentences to use

You get the education that you pay for?

Private schools are in another league to state schools

Would you send your child to a failing school?

All the Prime Ministers were privately educated and is this the way forward in the world to get anywhere?

The statistics show that private schools are getting the results

Something is obviously missing from state schools to not get the grades?

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Small classes of 10-15 students

Discipline - want to learn / codes of conduct

Parental involvement in their education

Teaching the students about life

Balanced programs - Sport and formal lessons

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Why go a private school?

Beautiful buildings

Acres of land

Committed teachers

Exam results

Extra-curricular activities

Oxbridge material

More time to help children who are struggling

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Reliable Quote

In the last 10 years, 17 out of 400,000 teachers in state schools were dismissed because of incompetence.


In a private school:

"Four teachers in three years have left the school becuase of their abilities."

Quote by Private school teacher in London

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