Spanish Armada

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Level of threat posed by Spain

  • poor tactics - little threat as they were not prepared
  • poor communication - could not adapt to problems well
  • Elizabeth had the superior Navy
  • weather made it all too risky to work so little threat
  • Francis Drake was strong opposition
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Strengths of English navy

  • larger numbers
  • better prepared
  • Sir Francis Drake
  • superior gunnery
  • better strategy
  • funding from Nobility
  • manouevrable
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Weaknesses of English Navy

  • could not afford to maintain a professional naval force
  • usual people who finance the expeditions were interested in treasure and not interested in funding the Armada
  • ill-prepared and funded militia - to face an experienced army
  • only 1/10 of the militia had been improved by Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth lacked the resources to put a professional army into the field
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Was the Armada successful?

  • showed God's support for the Protestant religion
  • Spain lost in (almost) all cases - England only lost in some naval warfare; spanish navy inferior
  • showed Elizabeth was a great power again; some achievements
  • neither Spain/England was really successful - mainly based on luck and weather
  • weather played a large role
  • Elizabeth was left in a vulnerable state due to her involvement in the Dutch revolt and the improving relations between Spain and France
  • Elizabeth left in debt and lost men and resources as a result
  • Elizabeth achieved nothing
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