SPAIN 1469-1556

Charles' success 

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Succession- Charles

  • Ferdinand marriage Germaine de Foix, Treaty od Blois 1505
  • Grandees joined with Archduke Philip (married to Juanna)
  • 1505 Tripartie government agreed, Phillip, Ferinand, Junanna
  • Treaty - Villafafila 1506 "most beloved children" Ferdinand to retire to Aragon- same day refused recognise
  • 25 sep 1506 Archduke dies, Charles 6 years, Juanna mad
  • Cisneros in charge regency council 1509-Ferdinand to return 
  • 1510 Ferdinand Administrator
  • F. concerned with foreign policy , Cisneros government
  • 1515  Navarre under Castilian crown, had been ruled by John 2nd, sentimental
  • 1516 Madrigalejo Ferdinand dies ,, Alonso de Aragon regent Cisnero government
  • Cisneros-warning to Charles, employment of Ferdinand former servants- corrupt- friction Cisneros' government and Charles advisors- Castilian aristocracy liked neither- Flemming, Aragonese and Jews
  • July 1517 Charles in Spain- principal advisor Chievres, dismiss Cisneros, dies same day 8 Nov 1517
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Nationalism and Revolt 1- Charles

  • Fleming alleged plundering country - humanist writers Pieto Martie/disappointnd royal officials Galindez de Carvajal
  • Charles pawn - Grand Chamlerlain Chieveres- positions of power
  • Cortes 1518 Valladolid-  su Alteza 
  • Charles to Aragon - Zaragoza- Gattinara after Jean Sauvage (g,chancellor)
  • Jan 1519 HRE Maxamillion dies , 5mnths later Charles V
  • Catalan subjects more ameanable- HRE= long period absenteeism + higher taxation to finace expenditure
  • protests in Toledo 
  • towns torn between feuds of nobility, 1519 demands on Charles but Charles left
  • further Cortes to vote servico Valladolid 1518 
  • insisted procurators armed with full powers  
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Nationalism and Revolt- Communeros and Germania

  • Communeros- May 1520 
  •  lacking cohesion and purpose
  • traditional ideals preservation of old Castile
  • response to attack on independence of Cortes
  • Junta of Tordesillas 20 Oct 1520 - no more corridors
  • began in towns with risings against royal officials- urban nobles and gentry sympathetic
  • Adrian of Utrecht-when enthusiasm flagging into hands of royalists Padilla by ordering attack on Segovia
  • Royalist force to Median del Campo for artillery, resistance by townspeople, burned to ground -- burning of Media del Campo 21 August 1520 
  • Cities in south stirred, written recognition from Juanna- just verbal - 
  • Some concessions made- suspension of servico, no more foreign officials
  • support for Charles of nobility
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Nationalism and Revolt Germania

  • Valencia- separate from Castile, discontent 1519
  • absence of King and court
  • summer plague- 
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