Sovereignty Outdated?

is it outdates?

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  • Permeable borders state borders are no longer territorial sovereignty as they are constantly penerated by outside forces these include tourism, and movement of information via the GLOBAL VILLAGE, the fact we are all connected. Global Financial markets as shown in the recession spreading across the world.
  • Rise of non-state actors, states no longer are the only players in their field anymore with the growth of TNCs such as TESCO who now dominaties asia. and have more finanical power than a lot of smaller Africa countries. also the rise of such NGOs as greenpeace and Amnesty Int. who exert international influence. But also TERRORISM
  • Collective dilemmas, Global problems that require global soultions ENVIROMENT where we have had to change Chinas perspective. But also international crime and pandemic dieseases such as bird flu.
  • International Human rights, the repsect for state sov. has been eroded by the growing understandment of basic standards that should be reached across the world. More we educate the worse this becomes.
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  • Myth of borderless world, transnational processes, a exaggeration. Economics has not been abosorbed into the world markets as most still takes place domestically. And choose to trade international because of self interest ie money.
  • States remain dominant, although states are one actor they remain the most important actor, because they can exercise their power any which way they like. only countries that are classed as failed endup with losing control within their own borders.
  • Pooled Sov. The advnace of political globalisation and the emergence of a framework of global governance. these expand opporturnities avaiable to states to cooperate. international bodies are formed by states.
  • Enduring attraction of nation state, there seems little chance that the states will lose their dominance. as scuh things as the EU and asean continue. more and more nationalism taking place that it would be difficult to group us all.
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