Sources Of Stress

Included the different sources of stress which include;

  • life changes
  • stress at work
  • individual differences
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Life Changes

Life changes as a source of stress means that changes in an individuals life can affect how stressed they are in life.

Holmes and Rahe 1967 - created the social readjustment scale (SRRS ) two doctors studied 5000 patient records and picked out 43 things that often happened in a year leading up to a stressful related illness.

400 people where then asked to rate these life events according to how much effort would be needed until they would be able to return to a normal sate. Marriage was placed at 50 by Holmes and Rahe.

Each life event was given an average score of life change units (LCU) they wanted to use it on patients who were more likely to become ill. Holmes and Rahe said that if a person scored higher than 300 LCU points they were more likely to become ill in the future.

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Testing The SRRS

After the SRRS had been introduced there was a study done by Rahe et al 1970 to test the SRRS it did provide support however it is very weak support.

The study involved 2500 sailors. Rahe et al gave the sailors a survery to find out how many LCU points they had within the last 6 months. When the sailors returned their medical records wee studied.

Rahe et al found a positive correlation between LCU points and illness of 0.118 which is a weak correlation.

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Evaluation Of The SRRS

  • Large samples where used when creating the SRRS and in testing the SRRS.
  • There was agreement in the different sub-groups.
  • People might get stressed easier than others.
  • Using mean sources is inaccurate.
  • Good first attempt.
  • All the people where of a similar age.
  • All the participants where males.
  • Living on a ship is not a usual situation to most people
  • The fact that a ship does not have a big moving space then diseases are spread quicker and easier.
  • There was a correlation however the correlation was weak, and correlation does not show cause or effect.
  • Using self reporting questionnaires is very inaccurate as people have the tenancy to exaggerate and things and get things wrong.
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Hassles and Uplifts

researchers said that

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