Soranzo and love/lust

quotes on soranzo in 'tis pity.

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Looks at poets for help

'To work then, happy Muse, and contradict what Sannazar hath in his envy writ.'

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Love hurts

'Love's measure is extreme, the comfort pain, the life unrest, and the reward disdain'

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In love with Anabella


'Had writ of her, and her diviner cheeks'

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'Are these the fruits of your love?'

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Commitment issues

'The vows I made, if you remember well, were wicked and unlawful, 'twere more sin'

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'I hate thee and thy lust'

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'Do you mock my love?'

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'I'm full of grief'

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'I'll rip up thy heart and find it there.'

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'confess, and I will spare thy love'

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