Sonata Pian' et Forte Revision Cards

All the key information you need about Gabrieli's piece for the exam.

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  • St Marks Church in Venice.
  • He developed the polychoral style.
  • This would have been played in an important section of the service.
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  • This piece is through-composed, meaning it has no formal structure.
  • There is an influence of Renaissance Sacred music such as the Motet.
  • The modulations form the sections.
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  • This piece is polychoral.
  • Antiphony is an important textural feature.
  • This piee is polyphonic/contrapuntal.
  • There are occasional homophonic sections.
  • Imitation is a key technique.
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  • Typical Renaissance instruments
  • Cornett, Sackbutts, Violin.
  • Not a totally idiomatic instrumental style.
  • Influenced by vocal styles.
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  • G dorian mode.
  • Cadences on a different degreeof the mode make the tonality unstable.
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  • Root and first inversion chords.
  • Perfect, Plagal and Phrygian cadences.
  • Tierce de picadie
  • Suspensions.
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  • Small range
  • Often conjunct
  • Octave leap is the largest leap.
  • 4ths and 5ths are common.
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Rhythm and Metre

  • Only a few different note lengths.
  • Last section uses shorter notes.
  • Syncopation is key.
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