Something's Coming

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  • The melody is syllabic
  • Word painting is used, meaning the music reflects the words. 
  • There are accented off beats on ‘could be’ and ‘who knows’ to create a sense of anticipation
  • It ends on a flattened 7th to leave a sense of suspense.
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Harmony and Tonality

  • The piece is written in D major although there are two contrasting sections in C major
  • There is the also the use of a tritone
  • The last note is a flattened 7th. The harmony is jazz influenced. 
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  • Solo tenor voice accompanied by a chamber orchestra.
  •  It is made up of woodwind, percussion, brass and strings
  • The trumpets are muted, and pizzicato is used. 
  • Music illustrates the music on ‘the air is humming’ strings play a high note. 
  • Instruments often imitate each other at different octaves.
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Rhythm and Metre

  • The metre changes between 2/4 and 3/4
  • These changes, along with the use of syncopation and the fast tempo creates a feeling of excitement
  • There are cross-rhythms throughout. 
  • Also push rhythms.
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  • The texture of the piece is homophonic, and there are lots of layers
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  • Intro - A - B - B1 - A1 - Outro
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