Solutions: Volumes and Concentration

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  • A solvent dissolves in a solvent to give a solution

Quantities in Solution

You need to think about two thigs when you deal with a solution

  • What amount of solute is dissolved? 
  • How much solution is there?

These two factors combine to make up the concentration

Units for volume

  • The volume of a solution is usually given in cm3 or dm3
  • cm3/1000 = dm3
  • dm3 x 1000 = cm3

The concentration is calculated by;

Concentration = Number of moles of solute/Volume of solution

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Diluting with Water

Dilution Factor = Final Volume/Starting Volume

Final Concentration = Starting Concentration/Dilution Factor

Starting Concentration = Final Concentration x Dilution Factor

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'1 mole of any gas occupies the same volume at the same temperature and pressure'

Volume of Gas = Moles x 24

This is not true for liquids or solids

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