Solutions for a Youthful Population

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  • The government has made radio adverts, TV adverts and awareness campaigns explaining about contraceptives.
  • An NGO is addressing by delivering very cheap contraception which is subsided by the World Health Organisation.
  • Due this programme, the popualtion growth rate has dropped from 4.2% to 3%.
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  • To reduce the infant mortality rate, funding from Canada is used to provide free vaccination for children.
  • Improved maternity care helps the mothers to survive.
  • Parents are encouraged to space out the births so the mothers have enough time to recover.
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Managing resources

  • The German government are funding and forest management scheme.
  • The plan is to plant new forests and educate the population on how to look after and use the forests.
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  • 61% of girl went to primary school in the 1990's.
  • 1/4 of women in the Gambia could read and write.
  • The government have an education campaign that educates girls which reduce the birthrate because in the future they would be working.
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Religious beliefs

  • The Islamic leaders have changed their view regarding contraception.
  • They are in favour for it because they said God has provided them with the contraception resources to reduce the birthrate.
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