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Mechanical Solidarity

  • Mechanical solidarity refers to when people in a society bond or cooperate because they have similar roles in work and values and beliefs, which forms a 'collective conscience' 
  • This collective conscience causes people to cooperate because they are homogenous (similarity within a set)
  • This was often seen in earlier societies (hunter/gatherer, pastoral, horticultural, agricultural) because everyone was the same and no one specialised in anything 
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Organic Solidarity

  • When people band and cooperate with each other because they need the other person's services (they rely on one other)
  • People were hetrogenous (difference within a set) 
  • This is seen in more modern societies (industrial and post-industrial) as people started to specialise in more things and everyone developed different values
  • Due to specialisation memebers in the society are interdependent 
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