The academic stage is completed in one of three ways:

1. Completing a qualifying law degree (which covers core legal subjects) 2. Completing a degree in another subject then the Common Professional Exam/Graduate Diploma in Law 3. Becoming an ILEX fellow (of the Institute of Legal Executive)

The prospective solicitor must then become a student member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.The vocational stage of training begins with a one-year Legal Practise Course, learning the practical skills required for the profession.Next they must find a two-year training contract with an authorised training organisation (usually a firm of solicitors). ILEX fellows are exempt. During this, the Professional Skills Course must be completed.The solicitor is then fully qualified and is admitted to the Roll of Solicitors, usually working in a partnership with other solicitors. If they wish to represent clients in the Crown Court or above they must undertake further training to become a solicitor-advocate.

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