Soft Engineering

Hope this is helpful.All advatages are in green and disadvantages in red. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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Beach Nourishement

  • It's a process by which sediment lost is replaced.
  • Reduces strom damage
  • Is a natural defence
  • Relatively cheap
  • Needs to be constantly replced due to longshore drift.
  • Example Swange Bay 2006.
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Sand dune regeneration.

  • Artifically creating new sand dunes.
  • Absorbs storm water and wave energy.
  • Good landscape for environment and plants and animals.
  • Time consuming
  • Costs £2,000 per 100m
  • Less effective than hard engineering schemes
  • Example Holkam Bay , Norfolk.
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Managed Retreat

  • Lets the sea ake it's course.
  • Beneficial to plants and animals, providing new habitats.
  • Cheap
  • Highly controversial as landis lost and human cost can be more than financial.
  • People loss houses and businesses
  • Compensation is payed.
  • Example Cowden
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Salt Marsh Creation

  • Sheltered aread from wave action where depostion happens.
  • Provides habitat for birds and grasses.
  • Export nutrients into the sea.
  • Can't be easily man made.
  • Take a long time to form.
  • Example Alkborough Slats the Humber Estuary.
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