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Domestic Division of Labour

Conjugal Roles:-

-Expressive- female role of the household, the nurturer/ carer

-Instrumental-male role of the household, breadwinner, financial provider

Warm Bath Theory:Parsons believes family benefits individuals and society. ‘the warm bath’ to represent the home and family.

Husband worries about competition, money, job insecurity etc and takes these strains home.

Family act as a ‘warm bath’ washing away his troubles so that he is refreshed and ready for the next day at work where he is able to contribute to society. 

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Domestic Division of Labour

Domestic work in the house is shared by both male and female as well as going out to work every day.

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Trends in Marriage and Divorce

Increase in Divorce (number of divorcees per thousand per year)

Decrease in first marriages

Increase in re-marriage

Increase in cohabitation

Reasons for increase in divorce

  • Changes in the law
  • Ease of divorce
  • Change in attitudes
  • Changing role of women




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Consequences of divorce

More single parent families

More remarriages

More one person households

Children may lack male role model- fail in socialisation and New Right argue will lack in educational achievement.

Feminists argue pos. for women and children as only men benefit from family life.


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