Sociology Unit 1

Revision Cards for Sociology Exam Unit 1 - Sociology Basics

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Two reasons why a source may not be accurate

- Because it may have been changed or adapted inaccuratley

- Unstructured interviews make unreliable data because not everybody will have been asked the same questions. 

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Two reasons why a source might not be useful

- Methods may have been  carried out on the same sublculture so the results are not representative.

- Only one researchers interpretation so the results can not be generalised. 

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An advantage and a disadvantage of surveys

Dis - Only tell us what somebody thinks at one moment in time

Ad - Help us to see what people think on a certain sunject or issue

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2 Ads & Dis of Participant Observation

Ads - Acting as part of the group under study

       - You will understand things as they do

Dis - Difficult to gain access to the group you want to study 

      - Hard to record findings

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Advantage of non participant observation

Remain objective

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What is content analysis?

A method used by sociologists to study the content of the media.

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What is a case study?

The detailed and in - depth study of one particular group or situation to get as much info as possible. 

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What is the Primary agent of socialisation?


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______ are the unwritten and unspoken rules of soc


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For data to be ______ it needs to give the researc


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________ is a secondary agent of socialisation.




Mass Media 

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What is role conflict?

When the demands of one role clash with the demands of another. 

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________ encourages behaviour associated with bein


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