Sociology Unit 1

Revision for Sociology unit 1 retake.

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  •    Instrumental Roles - Men - Breadwinner - men are 'naturally suited to provide for their family''
  •    Expressive Roles - Women - nutruring role - women naturally suited to nuture/ care

^ New Right agree with Parsons - biologically based gender divisions of labour- best way of organising the family

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Sociology Unit 1

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  - BOTT

  • Segregated Conjugal Roles - Husband and Wife spend their leisure time apart.
  • Joint conjugal Roles - Involve couples sharing domestic tasks and leisure time.

-Young And Willmott

  • Men - Breadwinners- not involved at home- spending leisure time with workmates.
  • Women- full- time housewives and childcarers.

The symmetrical Family

  • most women now hhave to go out to work
  • men help with housework and childcare
  • men have become more home-centered
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Sociology Unit 1

Feminism - see family as patriachal, not symmetrical, or equal.


    - housewive is womens primary role

  • Women excluded from Workforce- confined to be at home- men became sole breadwinners
  • Housewive role socially constructed.NOT natural.
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