sociology mass media

sociology mass media definitions

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sociology mass media

The Press

Includes newspapers and magazines that are privetly owned and run as profit-making bisinesses. the press is financed through income from sales and adevertising.

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sociology mass media


This refers to tv and radio.

public service broadcasting operates through the british broadcasting corperation (the BBC) and is funded by income from the television licence fee.

commercial broadcasting is funded mainly by revenue from advertising. 

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sociology mass media

Developments in mass media

in 1980, there were just 3 terrestrial TV channels in Britain.

Digital broadcasting provides multi-channel TV with high quality pictures and sounds.

digital TV services offer interactivity (red button). viewers can now use their remote to interact with the TV in order to enter competitions or to vote on shows.

the technologies of the media, telecommunications and computing can now come together. EG: you can now watch TV and be on the internet on one device.

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sociology mass media


the technologies of the media, telecommunications and computing can now come together, in one product. for example, some digital TV services allow people to access the internet, text, email, shop and bank through their TV sets. 

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sociology mass media

Hyperdermic syringe modal

This is one of the earliest approaches to studying the impact of the media on the audience. according to this approach which was popular in the 1930s and 1940s, the audience receives daily injections of messages from the television and newspapers. these messages work like a drug and seen by some commentators as having a direct and powerful effect on peoples behavior or beliefs. 

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