Sociology G673 power and control Post Modernism

Post Modernist views on the media

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Post Modernism and the news

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  • Media saturated society
  • Domination media controls
  • Audience experiences 'hyper reality' not 'reality'
  • Pic'n'mix-Can pick and choose
  • Can create own spin on things, can show their own personal views
  • Not necessarily deliberate
  • Media blurs boundaries of global and local world
  • 'Global village'-Access communities
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  • Media creates images
  • Confuse images with reality
  • Blur between reality and media reality
  • Certain news stories did not happen/not as said. E.g. Gulf war 1991 didn't happen 100,000 dead but not a war.
  • Media created an image simplified and confusing
  • Bluring facts and images we see
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