Sociology G673 power and control Moral panics

Stan Cohen, Sarah Thornton. Moral panics

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Moral Panics

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A media inspired percieved threat to societys norms and values. In particular the media exaggerates stories of a moral dimension which often makes the problem worse.

  • Identified 'problem'-->Simplify-->Stigmatize-->Media campaign for action-->Authorities respond
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Stan Cohen-Mods and Rockers

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  • Tiny incident in Margate
  • Media exaggerated 'wrote a script' for a story that had not been written
  • Mods and rockers turned up at Brighton on Whitson
  • Heavy handed police
  • All because the media hyped-up and exaggerated

Media define who the mods and rockers were and identify the differences

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Sarah Thornton-Acid house/rave culture

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  • Media got involved, condemning drug culture 'evil nasty raves'
  • Advert for youth what to do
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