Sociology G673 power and control content analysis

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Content analysis

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  • Method used to analyse content of any text.
  • Quantifies data in form of sounds, pictures or writing.
  • Potential to uncover hidden aspects of texts and bring them to surface
  • Jagger (1998) used content analysis (see sociologists set)
  • Advantages; gives valid in depth research
  • Disadvantages; Low in reliability-people may look at things differently, relies on interpretation, focus on message rather than receivers.
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  • Looking beyond pictures and text and finding a deeper meaning.
  • Analyses meanings of signs and codes in the media.
  • Texts/images etc.
  • Uncover messages-media powerful/controlling
  • Reveal ideological messages
  • Feminists often use-female 'ideal'
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  • Simple meaning behind a sign
  • Taking things at face value
  • Seeing text/images as they are
  • How it's presented to us
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  • What it actually means underneath the text
  • Underlying meaning
  • Varies with individuals
  • Cultural meaning of a sign, can vary
  • DOG-may connotate danger if it is a warning sign on a gate.
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