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Definitions and Concepts

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-An Agreement on common forms of behaviour

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General Principle/Belief that people agree on

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Status comes in two forms:

1.) Ascribed Status: It's when you born into the position of that status from past family members (e.g. The Royal Family or the Monarchy)

2.) Achieved: When you work hard to earn your status, through hard work and dedication (Sir Richard Branson & Bill Gates)

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A Concept with many definitions, commonly thought of as a way of life - (Williams 1983)

-Usually associated with Beliefs and Customs

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A pattern of behaviour and routines which are carried out in action

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High Culture

-Linked with upper class and the elite of society

-Have ascribed status achievement

-Associated with opera, ballet, classical music and sports such as Lacross

People still question the existence of high culture as now people with achieved status can be their way into high culture

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Popular Culture

-Seen as opposite of high culture

-Associated with shallow activities enjoyed and accessed by the masses

-Strinati (1995) - Media is largely responsible for creating popular culture, consumption of material goods

-The World had become more consumer oriented, fed obsession with designer goods and materialism

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-A Culture enjoyed by a small group/minority within society

-Have distinct norms and values, sub-section of society

-E.g. Emo's & Skaters

-Some are arrested in opposition to authority (skin heads)

-Usually associated with people in young adulthood

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Cultural Diversity

Parekh outlines 3 different ways in which society can be culturally diverse

1.) When members of society live a distinct way of life in a broad society - e.g. gays and lesbians

2.) Some members of society rebel against central principle to deny any dominate values (e.g. punk rockers)

3.) Communal Diversification - where ethnic groups have long established communities within society, and cultural diversity is a way of life e.g. Bangladeshi's in East London

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-Parekh (2006): similar to cultural diversity

-Multiculturalism is having the same status, having equal rights and as well as preserving your own heritage

-Barker (2003): Multicultural society seeks to celebrate differences through teachings

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