Sociology G671, (Socilisation of Cutlture)

Sociology G671, (Socilisation of Cutlture)

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  • Working Class: usually has dinner early to coincide with the end of working day, usually have theirb dinner while watching tv
  • Middle Class: usually has dinner in the evening with the whole family together talking about the events of the day


  • Middle Class mothers were found to pay a more crucial roles in the primary edcuation than working class mothers
  • Reasons for this are working class mothers are too busy, due to the demand of housework, childcare and paid employment
  • Other reasons would be that they didn't have much confidence in the school and simply just couldn't help their child
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  • Depedning on school
    • Private/Public
    • Sports Played
    • Lessons taught
    • Trips
    • Crests
  • E.g. students that a taught Latin have higher cultural capital than students who are taught vocational courses

Power at al

  • middle class students relish the chance to go to university as a result of high educational achievment
  • Those who do not see them sleves as failtures because of famiy eductional background
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Media representations influence class identity

TV Programmes:

  • Shameless is a program that shows working class are agressive assertive and are good at cheating in social service
  • Royal Family: also a working class background show which depicts the working class as always watching TV

Medhurst: Found that middle class students watching royal family believe that is working class families as they do act like that

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Peer Group

  • Individual peer groups indicates
    • what school they go to
    • what hobbies they enjoy
    • Possibly parents are friends
  • Peer Sports: playing lacrosse shows inidcation that the person who is playing this is not working class

Brah (1999)

  • Working class identity was crucial as for males this constructed their culture (skin heads in the west midlands)
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Strong association of manuel working with working class

Strong association of non manuel work with middle class

Savage (1992)

  • studied midlle class doctors in cheadle
  • he revelaed that this had practical flovour
  • strong indication between occupation and class
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