Sociology - family diversity

Key terms on family diversity

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Single parents families / reconstituted families /

Single parent families - A parent with one parent and his / her child - REASON: Divorce / births out of marriage. CONSEQUENCE: Higher poverty rate. New right = :( --> more welfare dependancy

Reconstiuted famlies - Where one or both parens leave a relationship and start a new one, taking children. REASON: Divorce / More choice. CONSEQUENCE: Higher poverty rate / tension in new family. Elsa Ferri + Kate Smith = same to first families. Graham Crow +Graham Allan = Problems --> divided loyalties.

Lone person households - A person living on their own. REASON: Women better career choices / more independant. CONSEQUENCE: Equality to men. Feminists = Women concentrate on careers and more independant.

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Other types of family

Beanpole family = 4 generations in a household

Dual worker family = Both parents go out to work

Empty nest family = Children left home so parents alone

Modern extended family = Extended family no longer live with nuclear (technology)

Ethnic diversity = different family diversity 

Same sex = Relationships with two people of the same gender

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