Sociology ( Exploring socialisation, culture & identity)

Sociological Theories 

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...Views society as a system that is based on cooperation.
Each part of the social structure has a ‘function’ – making contributions to society.

E.g. the family produces and rears children - this ensures a future generation of workers. 

They also place great stress on shared values and moral consensus. This is essential for ensuring cohesion and harmony in society.

Criticisms – they present a deterministic view of human behaviour, humans being pictures to shape to society, lacking free will and creativity. (Like puppets on the end of society’s strings)

Conflict theoriesMarxism and Feminism

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…Argues that a capitalist society (based on private ownership of business) generates conflict between the rich ruling class and the exploited workers. They will always be locked in conflict as the have apposing interests.

Criticisms – like functionalism, they have been criticised for portraying people as puppets of the social system, unable to resist the ideology of capitalism.  

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