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these cards are helpful for the AQA education paper only about class inequality the cultural deprivation part i will be adding more soon.

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Cultural Deprivation

Sociologists claim that working class children are not socialised adequantely therefore they are 'culturally depriaved' as a result they underachieve in school.

Cultural deprivation broken into three parts

  • intellectual development
  • lanuage
  • attitudes and values

Intellectual development:

J.W.B Douglas  found in his study that Working class (W/c) children scored lower then the middle class (M/c) in the ability test. he argues that w/c parents are less likely to support children in their intellectual development.

Other studies found that m/c mothers are more likley to buy educational toys then w/c mothers.



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Cultural Deprivation 2


Bernstein  claims that difference in class achievement is due to the language difference he identifies the two types:

  • Restricted code: usually spoken by the w/c with limited vocabulory and short unfinished sentences
  • Elaboratated code usually spoken by the m/c with wide range of vocabulory, long complex sentences

M/c have advantage of the the w/c as the elaborate code is used by teachers, in textboos and exam the elaborated code is essential for education. the m/c pupils are socialised into it therefore they have better success.

Bernstein claims that the w/c are not failing because their culturally deprivated but are failing because school fails to teach the elaborated code.

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Cultural Deprivation 3

Attitudes and Values

some sociologists argue that w/c parents give very little value to education and pass this value on to their children through socialisation.

Sugarman  argues that w/c subculture acts as a barrier towards their success.

  • Fatalism believe in fate
  • Collectivism prefer to be grouped then be individuals
  • Immediate gratification seek pleasure now rather then make sacrifice for future/
  • present-time oreintation seeing the present time more important then the future.

Sugarman claims that w/c internalise these beliefs this results to underachievement. theorists argue that parents pass these values through socialisation.

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