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IDEOLOGY - A set of ideas, values and beliefs that represent the outlook and justifies the interest of a social group

DOMINANT IDEOLOGY - A set of ideas, values and beliefs of the most powerful group in society which influence the ideas of the rest of society

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  • Marx believed that social institutions brain washed workers into accepting their position
  • They fail to recognise they are being exploited

Marx believed that social institutions such as family, education, media and religion where helping inequality seem normal and natural


  • Marx believed that one day the proletariat (working class) would become aware of their exploitation
  • whereby overthrowing the Bourgeoise (ruling class)
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A new type of society would be created full of equality without social classes, exploitation or conflict called:


Both functionalists and marxists are structuralists believing peoples behaviours are affected by social institutions

Marxists see society beased on conflict between social classes and intitutions maintain the ruling class

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SOCIALISATION - A process through learning norms and values of a society or culture

Agencies of secondary socialisation:

  • Religion
  • Media
  • Education
  • Law & Order
  • Leisure
  • Friends
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Primary Socialisation - Takes Place in the early years of life within family, learning language, basic skills, and norms

Secondary Socialisation - Takes place at school and in wider society later on in life

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