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Pakulski and Waters

Class is reduced to a crude and blunt instrument, incapable of handling the nuances of postmodern society. Concentrating on social class is unhelpful because societies are changing from class based society towards ones where stratification is primarily cultural. Societies are organised around differences of lifestyle and patterns of consumption.

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Style has become important in defining features of identity. Advertising and marketing play an important role as they generate 'must have' fashions and 'must have' products.

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He notes that globalisation has played a role in helping to shape a postmodern consumer society. Whereby people can access and blend different cultures and ideas through picking and mixing.

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Explored the idea of a consumer society and claimed any division in society that exists are now formed by creative self-expression through consumption rather than by social class or employment.

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Hetherington and Harvard

A postmodern society is characterised by social divisions based on class. Freedom of choice is still based on income.

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Because capitalismis still at the heart of western society we can hardly be in a fundamentally new type of society.

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