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Says that the New Right tend to see those who exist on welfare benefits as being undeserving poor because they are more criminal, refuse to do well in school, and are unwilling to work.

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Within the UK we have a culture of welfare dependency where the underclass are unwilling to workas they have become dependent on state benefits to support them. There is a vicious cycle creating generations of children like themselves leading to an increase in crime.

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Existence of welfare state does support poorer people but it creates inequality by trapping people in poverty - a 'dependency culture'.

1. Benefits are high and generous they can live comfortably without work.

2. Can do tax-free cash in hand work and commit crimes because they don't need work due to benefits.

3. Members of underclass are badly educated and have few skills. If they do get work it is so low paid that it is not in their interests to work.

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Wilkinson and Pickett

An unequal society disadvantages everyone.

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