Sociology - Education and Ethnicity

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External Factors - Ethnicity

  • Cultural Deprevation
  • Intellectual and Lingustic Skills
  • Attitudes and Values
  • Family Structure and Parental Support
  • Sewell: fathers, gangs and culture
  • Asain Families
  • White WC Families
  • Compesentary Education
  • Material Deprevation and Class
  • Racism in Wider Society
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Cultural Deprevation - Ethnicity

Inadequate Socialisation = Underachievement

Bereiter + Engelmann

Intellectual and Lingustic Skills:

- low income black families lack intellectual stimulation and enriching experiences.

- poorly equiped, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

- low income black american language = inadequate for success; ungrammatical, unabstract.

- no english at home - Gillborn + Mirza = official statistics only 3.2 points ahead. Indians do well.

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Cultural Deprevation - Ethnicity

Attitudes and Values

- Lack of motivation = black faliure.

- Not socalised into mainstream culture of ambition, competitiveness, willingness.

- immediate gratification, present time orientation, no education value = unequipped for sucess.

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Cultural Deprevation - Ethnicity

Inadequate Socialisation - Dysfunctional Family Structure.

Moynihan and Murray:

  • - Many black familes = Lone-Parent, financial struggle, no male breadwinner.
  • - Boys lack adequate role-model of male achievement.
  • - Fail and become inadequate parents themselfs.

A03: Sewell: not role models, nurturing. Keddie: Victim Blaming. Fullers Girls.


- Comparison: asians + blacks.

- Asians = racism resistant culture = selfworth.

- Slavery = culturally devestating, lost language, religion, language, family structures.

AO3: Driver:positive black family effects. Lawrence: racism not self esteem. Keddie, Fuller.

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Cultural Deprevation - Ethnicity

Sewell: fathers, gangs and culture.

  • lack of fatherly nurturing or 'tough love', firm, non-abusive discipline.
  • hard to overcome emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • street gangs offer 'perserved love and loyalty'
  • media-inspired role models: anti-school black masculinity
  • interviews: greatest sucess barrier =peer group pressure.
  • blacks do worse than asians due to socialisation and attitude.
  • nurtured by MTV.

A03:Murray - no father= lack of role model not nurturing or tough love.

Gillborn - institutional racism not peer pressure. Reproduces black boys faliure.

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Cultural Deprevation - Ethnicity

Asian Families

Sewell: Indian + Chinese= Supportive Family= Asian Work Ethic= High Education Value

Lupton: Asians= Adult Authority= Similiar to School= Supports Behaviour Policies

A03: Keddie- Victim Blaming.

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Cultural Deprevation - Ethnicity

White WC Families


  • minorities more likely to aspire uni. Whites= low aspirations.


  • study: 4 WC schools
  • lack of parental support
  • less behaviour, poverty and discipline in asian than whites 
  • less parental support and attitudes in white schools.


  • street culture in WWC areas = learn to withstand brutal intimidation + to repeat.
  • school = power games = disruption.
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Cultural Deprevation - Ethnicity

Compensentary Education

ie. Headstart = cultural deficit due to deprived backgrounds.

A03: attempt to impose dominant white culture on own coherant culture.

Policy Alternatives:

  • multicultural education- recognises and values minority cultures and includes them in cirriculum
  • antirasict education- challenges prejudice and discrimination in schools and wider society
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Cultural Deprevation - A03.

Driver: ignores positive effects of ethnicity on achievement. black carribean family provides girls with positive role models of strong independent women.

- why black girls are better than black boys.

Lawrence: challenges pryce. black pupils under-achieve not because of low self-esteem but because of racism.

Keddie: victim blaming. culturally different not deprived. schools are ethnocentric= based in favour of white culture against minorities.

Maternal Deprevation: lack of physical necessesities that are essenstial for society.

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