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Age Identity, Sociologists

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 Found that religion was used as a coping strategy in his sample of those aged 85 and over. This shows that the elderly are more spiritual than the younger generations.

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Youths are over represented as devient and troublesome. Middle age is represented as a time of crisis, and old age as a time of dependancy and lonliness.

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Suggests that old age is stereotyped and identified as a period of loneliness, being unable to learn, having poor health and being dependant on others

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Considers youth to be based around the concepts of rebellion and resistance. This could be resisting the norm or reblling against their relitively low status in society.

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Argues that the boundaries between different stages are becoming increasingly blurred.

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Argued that young people are all part of the same youth culture, learning and negotiating the path into adulthood.

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Identifies youth culture as a time for experimenting with new styles, fashions and shopping at the 'supermarket of style' a concept used to explain can 'pick and mix' their identity.

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Found that the clients of old people's homes were often treated like children, they were not allowed to handle their own money and privacy of their body was invaded.

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