Sociological Methods

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  • Reliability is quality of repeatiblity - if we were to do this research again we should get the same results.
  • Example of something being highly reliable is well designed questionnaires.
  • Participant observations are seen as the least reliable and this is because these obsevations are carried out by lone sociologists.
  • Quantative methods are more reliable than qualititive.
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  • Validity is what is the most true to what you are researching.
  • Reliability and validity do not always go together - e.g. the questionnaires may be reliable but not valid as people can often lie.
  • Observations studies are only valid when carried out well but they may not be reliable.
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  • Representativeness is a situation where a general group is used to represent a society.
  • If the respondents in the study are not representative then it won't be possible to generalise the group or whole society.
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