Society 1919-1929

Phrobition,Crime,Rasicum,Women and Intolerance.

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 Sacco and Vanzetti case got two italian archanists executed for two shootings that they had not very much evidence for.
Monkey trial case evolution theory been taught in a school they got executed.

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Phrobition and Crime

In 1917 drinking was banned and was seen as been illegeal-they did this as they said it broke familys up. Due to prohbition there was a increase in crime as people were making their own alchol called moonshine.There was a increase in organised crime as gangsters ran dens so people could go and drink.There was a no longer use for crops such as barley as there wasnt any needed for drink. They often made enough money for them to bribe the police away from getting them sent down.

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After the war many women lost their jobs as women had taken over mens jobs during the war, when the war finished they also had lower wages and the worse jobs. Flappers were women who dressed with shorter dresses and long socks, they cut their hair into bobs and did the same things as men such as going to bars and cinemas.

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Blacks had equal rights to other americans, but in the south they had segregation laws to keep the whites seperate in schools aswell as public services; these laws were known as Jim Crow laws. Blacks had the right to vote in the south but they were olften stopped by whites. In the North blacks had the same laws but they were treated more fairly and they had often the better services although they were segregated. People had a more equal life in the north. The Ku Klux Klan lynched blacks in the south and they wanted to stop blacks having freedom after the war.

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