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  • societies all over the world percieve language, actions and products differently
  • companies try to be more eco-friendly or more responsible than their competitors
  • consumers take the greener option if the additional cost is reasonable
  • companies do this by making products that meets some of this criteria:
  • Products that are produced by carbon neutral means
  • Products that are made from renewable materials
  • Products that reduce carbon emissions and/ or other greenhouse gases in use
  • Products that reuse existing materials or use recycled materials
  • Products designed to be 100% recyclable
  • Products that are designed to help or ease suffering or that promote fair trade
  • Products that are made and sold locally to avoid transportation costs and associated pollution
  • Organisations that are not-for-profit and where all money is reinvested to support good causes
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Positive and negative aspects of new products - mo


  • low running costs
  • produce almost zero emissions in use


  • very expensive to purchase
  • fairly short range
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Design for the disabled and the elderly

  • designs may be developed to be easily used by the elderly and disabled
  • pedestrian crossings designed using audible beeps and bright colours for partially sighted
  • 4 main ways for designers to produce products so the majority of the population is catered for:
  • one size fits all - door frames, baths
  • a range of sizes to cover all - shoes, clothes
  • adjustability to allow use by all - car seats, shower head height
  • adaptablilty to suit location or user - booster seats, car roof bars
  • modification of products is an area that offers inclusivity, as specialist equipment and adaptations can be made to help those who find themselves outside the normal range
  • this allows disabled people to take part in many activities which would have been impossible before their discovery and invention
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Different religious groups

  • a further issue for designers to consider is designing products that will not offend or have a negative impact on different religious groups
  • communicating honestly and openly with members of religious groups during the design and development stage of a product will help to reduce any potentially tricky issues
  • there are some obvious areas that can be awkward for businesses to get involved in 
  • products relating to alcohol, relationships out of marriage and gambling
  • this is because laws vary dramatically from country to country and among different religions
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