Socialists 1871-90

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  • assassination attempts
  • background
  • Bismarck's actions
  • state socialism
  • success
  • threat
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Assassination attempts

  • Bismarck tried to pass a bill preventing publication of socialist propaganda but was defeated
  • other measures failed to pass the Reichstag
  • anarchist tried to assassinate William I. Bismarck saw no distinction between anarchism and socialism
  • saw it as a 'red' conspiracy
  • Bismarck dissolved the Reichstag
  • SPD vote fell
  • only y supporting anti socialist legislation during election campaign they saved themselves
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  • SPD (social democrat workers party)
  • moderate and revolutionary socialists
  • struggle for economic and political freedom, nationalism and social equality
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Bismarck's actions

  • anti socialist bill passed in 1878
  • socialist organisations banned, meetings broken up and publications outlawed
  • many imprisoned and emigrated
  • anti socialist law rallied them in their beliefs
  • SPD went underground
  • won increasing support
  • 35 seats, repression
  • Bismarck failed and increased support for socialists remained united
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State socialism

  • hoped to wean working class by introducing various welfare measures to assist workers
  • moral obligation to help those in need
  • promotion of the material well being of German citizens
  • win support from workers (not SPD)
  • sickness insurance act 1883
  • accident insurance act 1884
  • old age and disability act 1889
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  • first scheme of kind in world and model of provision for other countries
  • some workers approved, others thought it was a 'sham' as government was still opposed to trade unions
  • conditions still harsh
  • Bismarck opposed demands for state intervention to regulate working hours and limit child and female employment
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  • Bismarck may have overestimated the socialist threat
  • threat to society, Bismarck wanted to maintain
  • As Germany became more industrialised, socialist support increased
  • SPD won votes in the Reichstag, 1877 had 12 seats winning 500,000 votes
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