Social Psychology: Evaluating Milgram's studies

Evaluating milgram's studie s on validity

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Validity- realism

Study lacks mundane realism BUT the doctor and nurse study where they phoned up nurses and told the m they were doctors and to administer 'Astroten' to patients, which is very agiainst hospital rules DOES have mundane realism in it, and 21/22 obeyed.

Orne and Hollard wrote a paper on how Milgram results were invalid because it was a 'psychology experiment' so the participants may display demand characteristics and twig that the shocks weren't real- yet Milgram asked the volunteers and they all said they believed the shocks were real. After the experiment, some were shaking, so this suggests they were telling the truth about believing the experiment

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Validity: Generalisability

The experiment was done a while ago, and people may rebel now.more than they did

It is also the same types of people who volunteer for these sorts of experiments, so this would affect population validity.

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