Social policy and the family

These are just some key points about social policy and the family (:

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Civil partnership act (2004)


  • same sex couples can now get married officially.
  • civil partners are entitled to the same rights as civil marriages.
  • They are entitled to the sam tax, social security, benefits, inheritance and parental responsibility.
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Divorce reform act (1969)


  • No guilty party.
  • Women could now divorce their husbands
  • Grounds of consideration for a divorce - adultery, cruelty, desertion and no fault separation grounds.


  • Criticised for causing increase in divorce rates.
  • Good for womens choice and freedom.
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Child tax credit (2003)


  • Tax relief for families where both partners are employed but are in low income or pay.


  • Criticised for being unfair on other family types, e.g single parents.
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Child support agency -CSA (1993)


  • Natural parents must provide financial support for their children.
  • Force parents to accept responsibility.
  • Supports the view that the nuclear family is best.
  • Strong incentive to think twice about divorce.


  • Critcised for inefficiency
  • Critcised for treating men unfairly
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Adoption laws (2002)


  • Cant adopt without birth parents consent or court placement.
  • Adopted children have rights to contact their birth family and to inheritance.
  • Families must be approved by the government.
  • Ethnicity etc must be considered.
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