Social Loafing

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Latane et al

Social loafing- this is putting less effort inro doing something when tou are with others doing the same thing 

Latane at all

Aim: Investigate whether being in a group will effect how much effort participents put into completing a task

Method: Researchers asked 84 participents to shout and clap and make as much noise as they could while alone or in a group of 6 they wore headphones so that they could not hear each other

Results:the larger the group sizer the less noise participents made 

Conclusion: people put less effort into a task when they know that others will be doing the same task then when they are alone 

Critisims-only one culture was studied in some cultures people are more concerned about the welfer of the group rather than themselves lack of ecological validity as its not normal to make as much noise as you can

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Factors that affect social loafing-Culture

Aim:Wanted to see whether culture makes a difference to social loafing 

Method:Participents from the US and China had to complete a task either alone or in a group and the effort level was measured 

Results: The American participents reduced the amount of effort that thet put in while in a group where as the chinease did not

Conclusion:Social Loafing does not exist in all cultures some are just as prepared to work as hard in a group than they are alone

Critisism:Only 2 countries were compared so this means that you cant apply the findings to all cultures

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