Social factors affecting Educational Achievement

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Background and Class

M/C parents stay at home. Mums offer support.

M/C have money for 1-1 tuition and resources.

Higher classes have more cultural capital

W/C parents out at work and can't help out

Lower classes dont have emotional motivation = unskilled/ lowskilled jobs that don't need educational achievement

Personal connections with professionals can gain a child oppourtunities

PAUL WILLIS 'Lads'- Laddish behaviour is preparationfor monotonous jobs.

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Teachers stereotype

Girls are more stressed and boys are seen as laid back

Boys=Kinaesthetic learners.


Peer pressure- not 'manly' to be smart

Girls tend to do better in exams at school

Girls organise themselves and concentrate for longer

Girls tend to be more mature at school age.

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Different cultural values on education

Indian, Chinese, African and Asian students have a strong emphasis on 'self-improvement' through education.

Institutional racism

Teachers label African-Carribbean students

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