social democratic party


Social Democratic Party

- Founded in 1901, the party followed the teachings of Karl Marx and believed the workers (the proletariat) would one day stage a revolution and remove the Tsar.

- In 1903 the party split into 2 the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks

- The Menshevkis believed the party should have mass mebership and were prepared for a slow change led by Trotsky

-The Bolsheviks believed a small party elite should organise a revolution organised by Lenin

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The Social Revolutionaries

- Founded in 1901 these believed in a revolution of peasants

- They wanted to share all the land

- Some wanted to use terror to achieve this others wanted to use constitutional methods

- They killed thousands of goventment ministers

- Kerensky ended up leading the SR's

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The Octoberists

- Set up after the October Manifesto 

- The main area of support came from the middle classesvand they believed the Tsar would carry out his promises

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