Social- Cultural Studies

Module 2 Sport and Culture

Key Terms:

  • Society- a community of people bound together by similar traditions, institutions or nationality.
  • Cutlure- traditions, beliefs, customers, practises, sports and social behaviour of a particular society or nation of people.
  • Sport and Culture- the link between a particular society or nation and they physical activities that exist within it.
  • Ethinc Identity- unique behaviour, cultural traits and characterstics of a group often based on tradition and ritual.
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Survival Of Ethnic Sports

  • Festival- costumes, singing and dancine. Carnival atmosphere. Pagan or medieval ritual.
  • Local- Often unique to the area, increases local pride. E.g. Hallaton- Medbourne competition (Hallaton Bottle Kicking)
  • Occasional- Often on a bank holiday.e.g. hallaton bottle kicking on eater monday. Desires to escape the pressures of modern life.
  • Rowdy- Associated with drinking, singing, and celebration.
  • Isolated- Inaccessability of some rural areas allows local customs to prevail. Ethnic or cultural identity.
  • Social- Important social occasions bringing community together, often focused around the pub. It's entertaining and enjoyable.
  • Traditional- Celebration of the past, historical competition between settlements.
  • Tourism- attracts media coverage, originally attracted people from surrounding villages. Also increases transport, means people can travel further a field. People used to travel by foot, so now means its available to more people.
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