Social Approach Assumptions

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The effect of Interaction between Individuals

Individuals interact with others and this causes an effect on behaviour. Agency theory suggest we act as agents for society in way that benefits society

Eg. the men typically brings in the money and the women does the housework and childcare as this arrangement is seen to benefit society

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The effect of being in Groups within Society

People live in a culture and society - behaviour is affected by their experiences within a society, where they are members of a group. Social Identity theory states we identify ourselves as being a member of a group, a person can become prejudiced against other rival groups

Eg. by supporting a certain football team you place yourselves within a group and you become prejudice and dislike people that are in another group and support a different team

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The effect of the Social Situation

Behaviour that is displayed can vary depending on the situation in which an individual is in. In one situation you may express your views strongly, however in another situation it may not be approproate to express these views.

Eg. It isn't appropriate to swear in school but outside of school it is more acceptable to do so

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