Social Studies- Population


Reasons for the falling birthrates

1. Overly successful population policies of 1960s-1970s

  • Measures within the policy to reduce birthrates included 
    • Encouraged use of contraceptives
    • Legalizing abortion 
    • No income tax relief 
  • Media also played a part by bearing down psychologically on Singaporeans with messages like "The more you have, the less they get"
  • These measures clearly had great impact on Singaporeans= hit the pockets
  • Penalised the quality of life of large families 
  • Stopping at 2 become the socially acceted number of children to have 
  • The result of these highly effective policis was best seen in the low fertilit rates in 1980, which hit 1.8, beow the required rate of 2.1 


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Reasons for the need to promote population growth

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