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Stop Motion

  • An animation that makes use of a figure that is photographed, moved and photographed again.
  • The photographs are played in sequence to pruduce the animation.
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  • A bitmap image is made up of individual pixels.
  • If a bitmap image is enlarged too much you start to see the pixels.
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  • Animation technique wher the movement of the live actors is drawn over to get an animation effect with realistic movement.
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  • Animation technique where you create a start frame and a final frame and the computer generates all the in-between frames.
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Onion Skinning

  • A technique used in animation where several frames are superimposed over each other.
  • The animator can keep track of the motion so they can see the previous frames before creating the next.
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  • A storyboard is a plan of your story told in pictures.
  • It is a visual representation of everything on the presentation or website.
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Persistance of Vision

  • The human eye sees an image for a fraction of a second after the image has actually disappeared.
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Flip Books

  • Contain slightly different drawings on each page, that appear to move when the pages are flipped quickly.
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Flash/key frame animation

  • A piece of software used to create interactive and animated websites.
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3D Animation

  • Very sophisticated and expensive software.
  • Mainly used by film studios.
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