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Jennifer Somerville 2000

A Lib Feminist.

Acknowledges that there has been progress

Believes there needs to be more equality within a relationship so that women can go out and work as well as men.

Also believes that there needs to be more flexability within work so it can fit around family life.

Suggests that these small changes would make a difference.

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Cheshire Calhoun 1997

Difference Feminist.

- women in single parent families, women in lesbian families. 

Believes that society doesn't gain anything from the traditional nuclear family- due to patriarchal oppression of women. 

Also believes that anything other  than a nuclear family is stigmatised. 

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Dobash and Dobash 1979

Radical Feminists.

Believes that the main sources of conflict are:

  • Husband's expectations regarding a women's domestic work
  • Possessivness and sexual jealousy 
  • Allocation of family resources (money)

Found that majority of women experienced at least two attacks a week.

Most women returned due to fear of being and financially dependent 

Police didn't record violent crimes by husbands against their wives, however due to the Dobash study the law changed. 

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Althusser 1972


Althusser claims that the nuclear family is an Ideological State Apparatus- a system which makes the proletariat think one way, so as the bourgeoise saty in power.

  • It reproduces the next workforce, children are taught to confirm to authority.
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Marcuse 1964


Believes that working class families are encouraged to pursue 'false needs' that serves capitalism not individuals. 

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