Smoking can cause damagine to...

  • The Cardio vascular system:

1. Atherosclerosis - the hardening of the arteries due to artheromas

- the lining of the arteries get damaged, white blood cells move to area

- over time w.b.c, lipids and connective tissue build up and harden - fibrous plaque - artheroma

- artheroma partially blocks lumer - restricts blood flow

- NICOTINE: increase blood pressurem - can cause damage to the lining of the arteries

2. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD): when the coronary arteries have lots of artheromas in them - restricts blood flow to the heart muscle

- can reduce amount of oxygen to heart muscle - angina or heart attacks

- CARBON MONOXIDE binds to haemoglobin so oxygen cant - reduces oxygen to tissues

- NICOTINE makes platelets sticky - increases chance of blood clots which could cause a heart attack

- presence of artheromas increase blood clots forming

3. Stroke: the rapid loss of brain function due to the disruption in the blood supply to the brain

- can be caused by a blood clot - reduces blood flow

- NICOTINE increase risk of blood clots

- CARBON MONOXIDE reduces amount of oxygen available to the brain

  • The Gas exchange system..

1. Lung cancer:

- cigarette smoke contains carcinogens which cause mutations in the DNA of lung cells - tumour formed

- blocks airflow to the lungs - decreases gas exchange and leads to shortness of breath because of lack of oxygen

- tumour causes weight loss because it takes energy and nutrients

2. CHRONIC BRONCHITIS: inflammation of the lungs

- smoke damages cilia and makes goblet cells produce more mucus

- mucus accumulates and microo's multiply in it - infections - inflammation - decrease in gas

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