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Skinner- Behavioral perspective

Nurture, mind is a black boc all learn through own experiences, uses conditioning which is a method for shaping behaviour. 'Stamp it in, stamp it out.'

Positive Reinforcement: This is ADDING something POSITIVE to STRENGTHEN behaviour. E.g. if you wash up you can have pudding, do well in work get stickers, tidying away give reward, bad behaviour should be ignored.

Negative Reinforcement: TAKING away something UNPLEASANT to STRENGTHEN behaviour.E.g. If sit still, can move from carpet quicker. 

Punishment should be avoided as doesnt show the way they should behave. 

Positive Punishment: ADDING something UNPLEASANT to WEAKEN behaviour. E.g If do not do as told, you will go on the naughty step. Must be told correct way to behave.

Negative Punishment: TAKING away something PLEASANT to WEAKEN behaviour. E.g naughty and play time taken awat. Told correct way. 

Behaviour shaping:Build up in stages. Generalisation:Behaviour performed in one or more situation. Discrimination:Rewarded in one situation but not another. Extinction: Eliminating behaviour by stopping reinforcement. 

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