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Question 1

The player with the ball receives a call from a teammate, they pass them the ball.

A) Describe the elements of skill that have been used in this situation

Cognitive skill is used to decide how to pass the ball and when to pass the ball to their teammate. It is making the decision of passing the ball and reasoning when and where to pass the ball.

Perceptual skill is used when taking in the information from the game from their senses this includes their teammate calling them. They will then have to interpret what their teammate has said.

Psycho-motoe ability is used when they decide on the movement of passing the ball to their teammate and then the actual physical movement of passing the ball which is pre-determined by the brain.

B) What perceptual skills have been used?

  • When taking in information from their senses E.g. Their teammate calling them
  • Interpretting what their teammate has said
  • Making sense of what their teammate has said
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Question 2

Describe the passing action in basketball in terms of Open-Closed, Gross-Fine, Externally Paced-Self paced Continua

Passing in basket ball is an open skill as it is affected by the environment such as the opposing team defending, the teammates shouting for the ball and perhaps the coach giving instructions during the game

Passing in basket ball is a Gross skill because a large muscle group is used and it doesnt require delicate muscle control

Passing in basketball is Externally paced due to defenders from the opposing team trying to get the ball, therefore the pass has to be quick to ensure that it is efficient

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Question 3

In an invasion game like hockey describe a situation where a player would have to use perceptual, cognitive and psycho-motor skills

These skills would have to be used when scoring a goal this is because cognitive skill would be used when deciding which action to use and when to do it, so deciding which part of the goal to aim for and when would be a good time to do it for the best opportunity to get it in. Perceptual skill will be use to select information, so the player will need to select important information coming in from their senses. They will also have to organise and recognise the information, for example where the goal keeper is and where they could move to quickly and the same with defenders. Psycho-motor skill is used when actually deciding when to take the shot and how to take the shot and the action of actually doing the movement.

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Question 4

You and a friend are watching basket ball being played on the school playground.

A) Describe three criteria that you would use to decide if the players are performing skilfully

  • Learnt
  • Efficient
  • Goal-directed

B) Some of the players are better than others. If the weaker players practised more explain why they would not be guarenteed to become as good as the better players

This is because the better players might have a higher ability than the weaker players. Ability is an inherited, innate characteristic and therefore it cannot be improved by practising. So the weaker players level of skill can increase however their level of ability cannot.

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